The Way of Purity (Triumvirate Series)

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Yvraine, Emissary of Ynnead , clad in the style of the ancient Aeldari and accompanied by a psychic familiar known as a gyrinx, , she carries the Cronesword Kha-vir, the Sword of Sorrows;. He is armed with Asu-var, Sword of Silent Screams.

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Bolt shells and plasma blasts rain down from all sides as the Fallen Champions spring their ambush. Enemies reel in shock struggling to fight back against deadly attackers who already have them surrounded and trapped within their gunsights. As the cacophony of battle fills the air, Cypher ghosts through the crossfire, eliminating one enemy target after another with salvoes of pistol fire.

The Fallen fight as a single force, maximising their firepower and discipline to the detriment of their enemies.

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These miniatures also include ammo packs, holstered bolt pistols and a selection of frag and krak grenades. Supplied with ten Citadel 32mm Round bases and a transfer sheet;. There are also plenty of spare components that can be used to convert your other multi-part plastic Space Marine squads into Fallen.

These are supplied with 5 Citadel 25mm Round bases. Get the third and final part of the Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch — and the Triumvirate of supporting miniatures with this bundle. The Triumvirate of the Primarch, a multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble the Triumvirate of the Primarch, 3 miniatures representing the formation from The Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch. Rise of the Primarch is the third book in the Gathering Storm series.

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This page hardback introduces the Triumvirate of the Primarch — a trio of heroes including Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines — and draws the threads of the thrilling story of the Gathering Storm together in dramatic fashion. Heroes new and old rise in defense of the Imperium, and the universe of Warhammer 40, will be changed forever. As is appropriate for such an apocalyptic tome, Rise of the Primarch is packed full of rules content for Warhammer 40, They walk a path of providence; though whether it ends in damnation or deliverance, none can say.

On the battlefield, this triumvirate of warriors is an unstoppable, inspiring force, bolstering the morale of those they lead while shattering enemy lines with their staggering strength. This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble the Triumvirate of the Imperium, 3 miniatures representing the formation from The Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch.

Supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base. Craftworld Biel-Tan has been shattered, along with the dreams of their restoration to prominence. Chaos is ascending — all across the galaxy, raging Warp storms cause havoc as reality itself twists in agony. Hope, however, remains. An alliance of Ynnari and Celestinian forces has found common ground in their desire to ward off Chaos. These heroes of the Imperium and warriors of the Aeldari race through the webway to Macragge, there to attempt the unthinkable — awaken Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, and seek his leadership in this desperate battle for nothing less than survival.

The Storm Gathers….

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The events of the Gathering Storm have had profound effects, effects that will live on in history. Mighty symbols of the Imperium and others have shattered, fractured, fallen and risen. Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, has returned to lead the Imperium, even as the Eldar God of the Dead Ynnead has given his race a chance to escape the attentions of Slaanesh.

As the universe of Warhammer 40,00 has developed, changed and evolved, so have the miniatures. This page hardback book focuses on the design and painting processes that surround the miniatures from the Gathering Storm — among the most impressive models ever produced by Games Workshop. The 9 models from the 3 Triumvirates are featured:.

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As well as this, senior designer Jes Goodwin has provided notes and concept sketches for a number of these miniatures. Secretive and spiteful warriors, the Fallen fight with furious determination as they try to avoid defeat or capture. Ever on the run from the inexorable vengeance of the Dark Angels and their successor Chapters, the Fallen have become as relentlessly merciless as those who pursue them.

Some prefer to take the fight to their enemies at close quarters, while others eliminate from afar — in either case, the Fallen make lethal foes, who do not flinch from dark acts and terrible hardship. This set contains five multi-part plastic Fallen, and an upgrade sprue to customise your unit. This kit comprises 82 components, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 25mm Round bases and a Dark Angels infantry transfer sheet. From the time of his birth in the rad-scarred wastes of Baal Secundus, he was destined for glory and strife. From his apotheosis to Scout, to the hive cities of Armageddon and the alien menace of the Cryptus system, Dante has waged war against all the enemies of the Imperium.

He has witnessed the divine, and struggled against the darkness within all sons of Sanguinius. Longer lived than any other Chapter Master, this is his chronicle, his great and storied legend. For the first time, discover the history of the glorious Blood Angels Commander Dante and his many centuries serving the Imperium. Those three terms drive to the foundations of Christian discipleship, and present a challenge in a culture far more drawn to sin, selfishness, and celebrity status.

Do we live with an insatiable appetite to know Christ and draw close to God Philippians , or find ourselves driven by other impulses; the hunger of personal ambition, recognition, or success?

Bevan McGuiness

Do we long for the Lord as much as we might for a marriage partner, or a child, or a better job? What gnaws at us most and deepest in this season of our lives? In lives filled with pride and pretense, this also confronts us. We like recognition, credit, and appreciation. It feels good when people notice us.

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So, we hang out shingles that display our achievements and accolades, beginning with our pre-school graduation certificate. But the fruit of this pride never ripens to something sweet. This triumvirate of terms perhaps captures the heart of what it means to be a Christ-follower.

They represent more than three nicely alliterated words. They denote lives on a collision course with our culture … and a transformational Journey with Christ. Holy, hungry, and humble. May this become our mantra as we continue in the Way of Christ. In HOPE —. Want to chat more on a topic? Hit "Reply" and share your thoughts. I'm always happy to explore these issues further.