The Treasure of Como Bluff

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It was surprisingly effective since we got to analyze and theorycraft around the hero, keeping us busy and entertained. Who had the best performances at TI9? We crunched the numbers for you so you can just sit back and marvel at the best performances at TI9. So many traditions have been broken in The International We have our two time Champion and we had a team making it all the way to the Grand Finals through the lower bracket.

The International is nearing its end and three teams survive to fight on the last day. A new hero is announced and the curse of the favorites continue. Every single hero in the game was contested during the International and there are still two days until we crown our champion.

Only five teams remain and by the end of tomorrow we will know our top three. Infamous force their way into the top eight, OG time lapses back a year and plays the same bracket, and Team Secret survive in day three of The International Two more teams have been eliminated and two more teams now find themselves in the lower bracket. Second day of the tournament was filled with intense games and heartbreaking losses, but most importantly, it set up the stage for an OG vs.

Treasure Hunting in Wyoming

EG Rematch. Sign in with Steam. Esports Clips NEW! Did you know you can sign in securely with Steam to access your personal Dota 2 profile? Damp hair clung to her forehead, and she blew it away with a puff. Undressing a man was hot, sweaty work. Once she was satisfied he had no major broken bones and his knees and ankles articulated properly, she turned her attention to his forehead where blood still oozed from the gash in the center of the purplish lump.

Once she washed it, she would be able to tell whether it needed stitches or if a bandage would suffice. After filling the pitcher from the water barrel and pouring some into the bowl, she blotted the wound with a soft, damp cloth. Once the blood and dirt were gone, a jagged cut remained, and she had her answer.

It definitely needed stitches. Thank goodness this man was out cold; she lacked Mrs. She fetched her sewing kit, threaded a needle with strong, black thread, took a deep breath, and swallowed hard. You can do this. Caroline winced when the needle pierced his skin, but he remained quiet and still. Only three stitches to go. When she stabbed him a second time, his eyes remained closed, but a soft moan escaped his lips. Only two stitches left. She bit her lip and stuck the needle in. His body twitched, and he groaned again.

She yanked the thread taut. Just one more stitch. She plunged the needle through his flesh and tightened the thread in one swift pull. She was just about to tie it off when his head moved, jerking the needle from her fingers.

His eyes opened, and she found herself staring into a pair of deeply confused, midnight blue eyes. Como Bluff, Wyoming.

stratum of clay caused the formation of a bog or bed of quicksand thus

July If only he were an ancient sauropod…. Thanks so much for inviting me, Jill. The railroad shops were required, in great part, by the necessity of double-heading the locomotives up the steep grade from Laramie. Even today in wintertime the grade on the Interstate out of Laramie can be an adventure. In , with the construction of the Dale Creek embankment, the railroad tracks were moved several miles away.

Today, little remains except pottery shards and rusted tin cans. Some artifacts, however, are newer.

On the day that I was there, a faded Pepsi can bearing the football schedule for the Wyoming team was found. As with all historical artifacts should be, it was left in place.

Utah’s Morrison Formation: A Fossil Treasure Chest

I must have spent all of an hour and a half looking for the treasure at the Ames Monument. Relating it to clues, did not lead me to the treasure chest. The fact that the Ames Brothers have lost their noses, keeps reminding me of Pinocchio. By noon, I had become bored with this place and decided to move on further west on Interstate 80 also knows as the Lincoln Highway. At this point, I came across the settlement of Point of Rocks. Point of Rocks Station, 22 miles northeast of Rock Springs and one-half mile south of I, was built in or by Ben Holladay when Indian depredations completed interdicted stage traffic on the Oregon Trail and forced traffic further south.

The move did not completely stop the problem and the station was burned by the Indians at least once.

The Railroad reached Point of Rocks in , but for many years the town remained an important junction point for stages and freighters going to South Pass. In , a stage left twice daily for South Pass City, a jolting 15 hour ride. With the decline of South Pass City and the mines, stage service was discontinued in , and the station became a private residence and a school.

The last resident of the station was Jim McKee who reputedly was a member of the hole-in-the-Wall Gang. To deter other visitors McKee posted a smallpox warning on the door.

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Today, the town is little more than an interchange on I with several trailer homes, a gas station and fireworks store. Alas, I had found the blaze. Okay, so I admit, I was on vacation and I was really interested in tracing some of the old Indian trading routes, like the one from South Pass to Point of Rocks.

Just imagine how brave each of the Indian tribes must have been to trade with each other. I spent a few minutes relating the Indian Stories to the Point of rocks station and then continue to head on the greener pastures. Purple Sage and Green River were just down the road and must be clues to the location of the gold. Unfortunately, I turned too soon and ended up on highway heading north through Reliance and Eden and ended up in Farson. It was getting late and I needed a place to park the Winabego.

Thrill of the Chase Answers

The park director provided me an overview of the area. Now, the Farson Mercantile is an oasis for those who love ice cream. The town of Farson was named for John Farson, who funded an irrigation project for Eden and Farson which allowed the area to thrive. Farson sits in high desert country, which provides several opportunities for recreation.

With this new found information, I must be on the right track. And perhaps it is time for a Lesson in Geology and History because you must be wondering why I am looking for the Forrest Fenn Treasure here. In a land known for its scarcity of precipitation, water has been a powerful force in shaping the Red Desert. Lake Gosiute began to fill the Red Desert for the first time in the early Eocene epoch. Gosiute reached its maximum surface area of 15, square miles with its shoreline stretching into Utah and Colorado.

Lake Gosiute left behind a high concentration of saline materials and a deep primal ooze of organic matter. Scientists trace the story of human presence in the Red Desert back 12, years. Researchers interpret the petroglyphs carved into rock at these sites as biographical, ceremonial, or spiritual expressions.

I slept well that night with not a single dream or nightmare. I had an earlier nightmare where wood peckers were dispatched to remove my nose for telling lies and writing stories. It must have had something to do with the Ames brothers and the bird poop.

Nonetheless, I quickly packed my awning back into the trailer and was ready to hit the road on up to Lander. It was just a few miles on up Highway Unfortunately, there was not much to see along the road but sage brush and the occassional pinion tree. The town was named Lander in honor of General Frederick W.