The Risha Levinson Story: Growing Up in the Greatest Generation

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Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Item Added:. I only recently found out about my connection and completed the research to apply. To know that I am now a part of close to years of history by such a brave group of people is an honor. I look forward to meeting and learning the history.

Thank you all for taking the time to lead this group giving us these opportunities. Susan Dunham McGill. I teach US history to public middle school students. I appreciate being able to make personal connections to our curriculum. Caroline Anderson.

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Very important to me and my family. That I can trace my lineage to some very strong, principled, hard working men and women upon whom my own existence depends They overcame great challenges. Very humbling. Jeannie Burke-Hanlon. Cheryl Ralston. It makes me realize that I come from hardy stock and I have pride of the role of my ancestors in creating our country.

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It makes me want to hold current government to the Pilgrim morals, standards, and beliefs about freedom of religion. It means that my relative was an explorer and helped develop this great land. Annette Gardner. Dorothy Greene. John R Woodman. Heidi Higginbotham. Ancestor: Edward Fuller, George Soule.

Roots and pride of country! Esther Horrigan.

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  • I feel very proud to be descended from such an adventurous and hardy group of people. Descent from a Mayflower family is a verifiable present-day connection to millions of other descendants and cousins. As such, it is a shared experience and reflects some of the unique Yankee qualities we value - independence, hard work, endurance, faith and family. Susan Sweetland. My grandmother always told us we were Descendants. Now it is proved.

    Now we are working on a Bradford connection. I like knowing that my roots are a part of some of the earliest settlers of America. Barbara Lewandowski. Knowing I am part of the beginnings of this country is very humbling and meaningful to me. Patricia Price.

    The Risha Levinson Story: Growing Up in the Greatest Generation

    Ancestor: William Brewster, William White. Being part of the Mayflower story is special to me. Men and women who brave enough to challenge the unknown, similar to our astronauts of today. It took courage to come to a barren country, to decide how to make a home, family, children in an unknown environment. It took courage, and I am proud to be a descendant of these men and women.

    Susan Macdonald. It means that I come from people of strength and courage and give me something to live up to. It is a link to my ancestor who came to America seeking a new life. Karen Storrs Gantt. Being a part of history - not just any history, but the very foundations of our nation - is something I am proud of. This history and the history of my ancestors is something I want to preserve for future generations. Patricia Atkins. I am so proud to be descended from such brave people. They left everything they knew to take a chance on a better life. I am so grateful that they did.

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    My application was submitted years ago but I did not have the necessary sources to be approved. They told me it was a new line that no one was able to prove. I have been working with the Mayflower historian and am now ready to submit again and will be doing so soon. The historian thinks it will now be approved and I am so excited to be part of this. Amazing what you can find online. Kristina Joyce. Isaac Allerton as signer of The Mayflower Compact, a forerunner of our democratic country, is most significant to me.

    Also, that Allerton's daughter Mary my ancestor survived the voyage and settlement as a child and lived to marry and have children with Thomas Cushman, a leader of the community, gives me strength in my present life. John Thomas Cook. It has really gotten me interested in Genealogy. My grandmother was a Harrison and the relationship is from her side of the family. Edward Phillips. I'm continually amazed how many Mayflower ancestors I have, and that almost all my ancestors stayed in New England.

    Being part of the lineage of the settling of America. Both my grandmother and father were members of the Mayflower Society. I just recently found out that Francis Cooke is my 10th Great Grandfather. Tomorrow I am going to Plimoth Plantation and hope to see him and his family Reenacted. If there are any other ancestors from Jane Cooke pls reach out! I'm so excited to be part of this history. These are the ancestors that paved the way for us.

    We are family. It's important to stay connected to your past and family.

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    I just got started with genealogy research for fun. Ann Kunkle-Jones. Ancestor: Isaac Allerton, Francis Eaton. It has given me a direct connection to major events in history.