The One That Got Away

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The one that got away unknown. A person who you we're originally supposed to end up with, but due to a cause of fate or by consequences cause by you the relationship failed and as time goes by you wonder what you and that person could have been, making them the one that got away. Friend 1: isn't that the girl you dated for like a year? Friend 2: oh yeah , she's the one that got away..

A person you had a lot of feelings for and still do. The person you wanted to be worth it and you wonder why it never worked out and if you should have done more, tried harder. In the end you think your over them but no one compares really.

I wish I had tried more with him. The person that you could've and should've ended up with but didn't, usually because of a series of poor choices on your end.

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You pine over them and wonder what could've been all the while stalking them through mutual friends and on facebook, becoming extremely jealous over anyone that looks twice at them. You try to express your regret but they usually won't believe you unless you do some sort of grand gesture.

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The one that got away is someone that you will forever regret. In other words Trevor Sharod White. I should've treated Roddy better, he is definitely the one that got away!

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The One That Got Away unknown. They had things they needed to work on, but then again, so did you.

You know your ex — this ex — will always be the one that got away because things will always be unresolved. You still respect them too much to let your breakup tarnish your opinion of them.

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You know the person you end up with is going to have to do better — the one that got away always raises the bar on what love can really be like. Even to the supermarket-ups your chances of meeting somebody interesting. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. But if he runs up to you and gives you a hug like you never used to have sex and it isn't that awkward He still has all of your old gifts.

What Does Being "The One That Got Away" Mean? Here’s How The Experts Explain It

Listen, if he kept a shirt or a nice watch, that probably doesn't mean much other than the fact that they were pretty nice gifts. He never untagged all your old photos together. But keeping all your digital memories perfectly preserved without removal or untagging is further proof that what you had was special enough to warrant saving. Follow Frank on Twitter.

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