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This one was from , back when I was on my self-imposed ban on anything Avon, so I have no idea what happened in the books leading up to this one. Alistair Wakefield and Meredith Hargreaves, I believe, once had a thing.

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But he then told her that he would be proposing to some other woman, oh dear. Alas, she wanted a kiss from another guy in another garden some time prior, they were caught by her father and her brothers, so now Meredith is to marry Lord Litton shortly after Christmas. What is with these people and kissing in the gardens anyway?

Meredith thinks Chetwyn is hot, hot, hot, but she is to be married to another bloke soon so not, not, not. This one is well written, but ultimately, all the drama about scandals and what not turn out to be for nothing. Go have a look, and then come back here.

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Northcliff Bromley, the Duke of Vale, is the studious type who believes that he has found the perfect marriage formula. Accept your sin wisely, for the tasks given to earn your place are not for the weak As they say, pride comes before the fall. I am Mason Blackwell. I am Pride.

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I grin and look up at Connie, still hanging from the punching bag hook, her head to one side and her eyes closed, her pleasure sliding down her inner thighs. My task: seduce Patience Noelle, St.

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Sinning is what I live for, and deviance is my passion. Failing has never been an option. I am Samuel Gunner. Man, I hate that word. Forgy, Envy It was temptation that broke the sinner. People say I have everything. Only…the task assigned to me is too much for my jealous eyes. Those who envy have no peace. My name is Sabastian Westbrook.

I am Envy. I want to fix him.

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Like, at any moment, he might blink out and fade out of existence. And dammit, I just feel like that tiny little flame of his needs some stoking.

Webster, Gluttony My life has been served to me on a gold platter to be devoured by my silver spoon. Money, money, and more money. I always want more, yet nothing seems to satisfy me. My father has made sure I become a part of The Elite Seven. Where most candidates are chosen, I was given my place.

Everything comes at a price, though.

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Luckily, I can afford any price—no one has more money than God. The Elite Seven have their initiations. My assignment is personal and beneath me: steal a car and send a warning. My task makes an ugly turn and I nearly take a life. Such a small, unimportant person—someone no one would even notice was gone. I am Baxter Samuel Goddard V.

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I am Gluttony. Not about money or fame, beauty or power. Until my father proves evil can exist in the most holy of places. For the first time ever, something like interest stirs in my soul. He wants me to enroll at St. Join The Elite. Court the virginal daughter of Archbishop Savoie. People are so quick to underestimate the wicked and lazy. I am Rush Dempsey. I am Sloth. Webster, Ker Dukey "Each one of us were affected by the Elite. They pulled our strings and screwed with us. When they chose us, they chose poorly, because they thought we could be pulled by strings.

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How fucking wrong they were". My greed is insatiable. The drive for more. For everything. Once I decide I want something, the greed for it consumes me. I want answers. I want justice. I want vengeance.

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I want HER. My best friend and his sister—the girl I vowed could trust in me and whom I would always protect—dropped off the map two years ago. Hell hath no fury like a man who has no fucks to give and a mission to fulfill his promise. And my teeth are razor sharp. When I discover the corruption running deep within my own bloodline, I take a stand to right the wrongs. I had no idea their darkness would lead me to the light—to her. The Lust I have for her will keep me grounded. The Wrath for those who betrayed us will ignite the fight inside me.

They say the three gates of Hell are Lust, Wrath, and Greed. I am Micah Dixon. I am Greed. Wrath - Claire C. Envy - M. Gluttony - K Webster. Greed - Ker Dukey. Rei Manalo pinned post 11 Aug at pm. Heather Keeton Aug 7, at pm. So, I usually don't post reviews when I upload books But this is such a special series.