The Days of Yay are Here! Wake Me Up When They’re Over.

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So I choose to sleep in the morning. I love love love learning and growing and changing.

And if I felt convicted that I needed to be up before my kids, I would try it. And I think that we need to extend more grace to each other in this. And the only way us to share in this together is by extending grace. To acknowledge that different things work differently for different people. And that we can do things differently — especially when it comes to sleep. This definitely works for me in the season of life I am in right now.

But I am ditching the mommy guilt over my wake up time and I invite you to do the same. I wrote a follow-up post on cultivating Mommy-Grace in a Mommy-Guilt world. I invite you to check it out here. I have a 14yo and an 8yo. I sleep as long as they let me. Not going to happen. They know their lives will be much happier if I sleep.

Thanks for sharing!

I feel that mommy guilt all the time about not getting up before kids! But like you I find it almost impossible to get up before the kids. And I love your 10 reasons why not getting up early is good…. It releases a lot of that guilt and allows me to cherish the sweet times I enjoy in the mornings with my kids! Sara G No guilt here! My hope was to encourage moms who do it another way. I bet you get some precious times in the morning! I have been considering writing something similar, although with a little bit of a different take. For several months, I got up at 5 am to make sure that i got my quiet time in before my kids woke up.

I also have been getting slightly tired of hearing about productivity. Productivity is great and necessary, but I think it can become idol. Michelle YES! I totally could have included things for the non-morning person people. I used to not be a morning person but now I am. But I just enjoy the snuggle time and the antics so much. My emotional and mental capacity is higher because I sleep till my kids get up. That means relationships that need a lot of those capacities can do better. If you write something similar, send it my way. Great Post! Today, they woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual…and each time I try this, they seem to know my plan, so they start waking up earlier and earlier…I like your reasoning!

Theresa, my kids would be the same way. I think waking up does work for some people. And sometimes we need to. This is what happened to me. When I wake up early, I try to go ahead and get out of bed and pray for the Lord to guide my day. Sometimes that means 5 minutes before the children wake up, sometimes that means Some days I get blessed with an hour or more and some days I just snuggle back down for some extra rest.

The Lord is good and I am so thankful for Mom blogs that have helped me release Mommy guilt and the idea that there is some mold I have to fit in to. I am with you on staying in bed until I hear the kids get up, even with homeschooling.

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I am a night owl and I get more done at night than any morning. My kids can smell me and they are up. Alana — My kids can smell me. I say that too. Be a mom with zero guilt! If it works for you then do it. I miss the days when my toddler would sneak into my room and sleep with us.

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You are making some great memories. I love these special times with my kids. The earliest my daughter has ever gotten up is until I learned that if I bring her into my room before the sunrise she sleeps til about 10! So now when my husband leaves for work at he brings our daughter into our room and we sleep til But I have to strongest bond with my daughter that I have ever seen. We both wake up in better moods and have better days because of our slow mornings. I was up and out of the house by 6 and not back until 9 every night. 50 MORE QUOTES THAT HAVE STAYED WITH ME LONG AFTER READING by Kaitlyn (@kaitmaree)

A long 3 weeks but worth every moment. My youngest is 27… Years, not months. I cannot even remember whether I got up before them when they were toddlers. Ladies, get a king size bed if you have toddler snugglers. As long as your kids are healthy and happy, ditch the guilt. Who cares if you get up first or not?! Elizabeth, When it comes time for my kids to write my obituary, it is my truest hope that they will be able to say that my first priority in ministry was always them. Thank you for the encouragement! Amen, Amen and Amen. I was never good at getting up before my kids. From what I can see here you are a great mom.

That is not how God created us.

Great post! Nancy, that is so sweet, thank you. God DID create us all uniquely — fearfully and wonderfully. Thank you Jesus. WanderingJoy, thanks for commenting. I like knowing that some of your best memories are snuggling with your own mama. Maybe my prince and princess will say the same thing some day. Lindsey, thanks! I have 6 kids and have been married 24 years. Our morning routine has changed many, many times. At a different phase, you may adjust your routine. Have a great week. BecomingChristineSmith, I have a feeling mine will change over time.

I support AMBER Alerts – even if they wake me up on a work day

Thanks for the great encouragement! I have found looking back on much my kids are 17 and 14 that the decisions I made where I did what I wanted to do like sleep late were the best for me AND my kids. Doing things together was so much better for us. They learned how to take care of themselves and to respect others.

They learned that they can help and their contributions are valued. They learned that they need to help others just as others help them. The reasoning that it takes longer when kids help always seemed like an excuse to me. An excuse to control outcomes, time, and messes.

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Let me tell you, it takes a lot less time to make dinner now when one kid actually does the shopping and another does the dishes. It also validates their opinions and choices. This all has to be explored before anyone is good at it. No hurries, no worries. Fun and giggles.