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Take time to do readings or homework in outside spaces on nice days. Reward yourself after checking assignments off the list by doing a favourite summertime activity.

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If you can, join forces with one or more of your fellow classmates, or with someone in another program also completing summer courses. You can motivate one another, keep each other in check, meet to study together and even celebrate together after a day or week of hard work.

A Traditional British Boarding School Experience

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Top 5 Paying Medical Imaging Careers for Accredited Sonography Programs. Advice from Ultrasound Professors. Small and friendly, the city of York is bursting with history, from its narrow cobbled streets to its ancient city walls. Scotland's friendly capital city with its beautiful panorama of chimney tops, green hills and blue sea.

The perfect setting for a traditional English experience within easy reach of Heathrow Airport and central London. Our young learners campus is located in London Bridge within walking distance of historic Tower of London and Tate Modern making it a perfect base for exploring London. A leading independent boarding school in Essex offering a safe and secure environment for young learners. Scotland's oldest boarding school, this world-renowned location is home to a prestigious Golf Academy and impressive sports facilities.

Situated just 20 minutes' walk from the city centre, Griffith College is a calm and historic location for Young Learners to study English. Ampleforth is best known for its fantastic range of sports facilities and its breathtaking views of the countryside.

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The longest-established private English language school in Manchester with a dedicated young learner team on site. Ideally located in the city centre, our school in York is celebrating 20 years of teaching in The only Eaquals-accredited school in Scotland, with excellent facilities and Scotland's capital city on your doorstep.

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A vibrant, friendly and cosmopolitan city, Manchester is a great place to nurture your teaching career, whether you are just starting or would like to develop your career further. A small, beautiful city alive with culture and history, York offers an inspiring and welcoming setting in which to develop your teaching career.

Develop your teaching career in Scotland's breath-taking capital city at our Edinburgh centre, offering excellent facilities in an ideal location. Exciting UK locations. Each of our schools has its own character and personality, and yet each follows the same BSC philosophy.

British Study Centres is a fast growing international educational group. We offer franchise opportunities as well as design and delivery of teacher training courses for overseas institutions. We are devoted to opening up new opportunities and partnerships worldwide. High quality language schools worldwide may apply to become a British Study Centres franchise.

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I came for an internship to Malta and had a fantastic time. NSTS gave me the opportunity to improve my English and practise my professional skills. It was really cool to meet people from so many different cultures. We want to inspire our customers and encourage educational travelling and learning at any age.

The purpose of NSTS Malta was from the very start the concept of International Education: the intercultural exchange of concepts, ideas, traditions and lifestyles. Intercultural competence and English language skills are key qualifications in our globalized working environment and we want you to succeed it.

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Whether you want to improve your proficiency for your career or university, connect internationally through English or be able to travel, NSTS Malta will support you on your journey. NSTS fosters intercultural lifestyle, learning and travel opportunities for students and young adults to create life-time prospects for their holistic development in a multi-cultural society.

NSTS is committed to affordable, quality international education, hospitality programmes of value, and the exchange of knowledge among peoples, supported by a friendly customer-centric philosophy. Few things are so closely linked to your goals and your success as the development of your skills. All the more important is a reliable partner who understands your needs and who offers you customized learning experiences. Search for:. Skip to content Free download.