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But Ms. Thomas, who was born in Camden, N.

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Although interested in art since childhood, she set out to be a lawyer and segued into painting when she was in her 20s and living in Portland, Ore. She starting photographing her mother, then other family members, then friends and lovers.

Soon she was converting those pictures into collages and paintings. Her gallery debut took place in Chicago in , followed by one in New York in View all New York Times newsletters. The Brooklyn Museum show concentrates almost exclusively on work from and later, when a look at her development over the past decade might have better served her art and its audience.

The show was assembled for the Santa Monica Museum by its former deputy director, Lisa Melandri, and adjusted for the Brooklyn Museum by its curator of contemporary art, Eugenie Tsai. Instead of Ms. Also on hand are four examples of the densely furnished living room sets that Ms.

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Thomas uses for her photo shoots. Their amazing patchworks of fabric, wallpaper and fake wood paneling emphasize the extent to which she relies on, but also transforms, reality with her sense of color, light and surface although one or two sets would have made the point and left more space for paintings. The show steps back further with a touching minute documentary that Ms. Thomas made this year about her mother, who is in some ways the origin of the notions of black beauty so central to her art.

The catalog essays dwell excessively on Ms. Johnson , and of course that genius of collage Romare Bearden. From a foundation of Pop Art, Ms.

Her big portraits, especially, would have enlivened the predictable Warhol show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Reaching the final iteration of a piece takes time. Although the organizations obviously strive for scientific accuracy, artistic license is not forgotten. While drawing little green men is out of the question unless some are found , a healthy level of speculation is allowed. Futselaar has done illustration of planet surfaces, occasionally with plant-life, but only when directed by scientists.

For her illustration of the young hot Jupiter-like exoplanet discovered by the Gemini Planet Imager Team below , for example, she was simply instructed to draw a "dull" planet with one star in the background, so imagination definitely has a part to play.

In the 90s, NASA still accompanied their press releases with analog artwork, commissioning now famous space artists such as Don Davis to put their findings to paper, or more accurately, to canvas. Digital space art didn't take off until the late 90s, so artist's impressions were still created through traditional mediums like acrylics and watercolors.

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In the modern day, the availability of Photoshop and drawing tablets has changed the game. Futselaar does nearly all her pieces in Photoshop, using a Wacom tablet and pen. She has done some photographic manipulations, but firmly believes that there is an advantage in illustrations. Photographing these far flung exoplanets is impossible for the moment, and Futselaar and Jenkins both believe that altering photographs can confuse readers into thinking NASA is already taking photos of them.

Illustrations provide less confusion, as viewers can easily see that it's meant as an artistic impression. A digital medium offers more advantages than just reducing confusion. NASA provides the information to artists with a limited period of time before the embargo is lifted, anywhere from a week to a month. Artists must then work to that deadline, all the while collaborating with scientists on all aspects of the illustration.

Digital art allows for quick modifications that other forms don't.

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With her creation of the Kepler b landscape, Futselaar was told she could illustrate a moon. These sort of changes in traditional mediums would be incredibly difficult and time consuming. Futselaar's illustrations usually take her working days to complete, depending on the length of the embargo. She mentions that keeping all of the information under her hat for that long can be tough, and with discoveries as cool as Kepler b, that's not surprising. More information: Danielle Futselaar.

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Around The Home. Tile upgrades Bluetooth trackers and adds a new Sticker. Elegant prefab home sits amidst forested foothills of the Austrian alps. America's crewed spaceflight program showcased in VR tours.

Painting The Universe

Microneedle capsule could deliver insulin and other protein-based drugs orally. Electrified graphene filters trap and zap airborne microbes. Waldorf releases "one of the most powerful music synthesizers ever built". Richard Mille and Airbus create vibrating traveler's watch. After basic drawing learning, you will be more creative in painting space and the universe to develop their own imagination.

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Your creation can be used as a gift and souvenir and can be used to decorate rooms in homes, offices, schools, wherever you love. Fransiska Windirarastri was born on November 5, Painting is her activity in expressing her vision and be grateful of the life. Love to teach and share her ability of painting and art to everyone. All payments are non-refundable and are not transferrable to other workshops but you are allowed to transfer your ticket to other person.