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Roger Grey will take good care of you and your children.

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Her father glanced over his shoulder. Her scarf tickled her chin as she spoke, and she pushed it down.

Victoria folded her arms and looked away. They could say what they liked; she would not marry Roger Grey. Even if he had a proper nose, the man was still too simple by half. She didn't want her children to carry on his legacy of dull-witted comments and friendliness with hounds and hawks. Roger seemed to prefer the company of such animals to that of people, but she couldn't fathom why.


Her own father's hounds held little interest for her, and although she had learned to ride at a young age, she'd never formed any special friendships with her horses. She had no pet cats or canaries.

Animals were animals; dumb beasts bred to serve, not sit at table. Were she to wed Roger Grey, she would no doubt find herself breaking her fast with his favorite riding-horse each morning. A flicker of light in the distance caught her eye. Leaning forward, she squinted into the darkness.


A shadowy line of trees stood at attention across an open field, their crowns forming a jagged horizon against the night sky. The moon, just past the first quarter, flooded the field with silver-blue light.

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Despite the rumbling of the carriage beneath her, Victoria could still see well enough to make out an odd shape running over the grass. It looked as though it might have been a horse, but she couldn't make out a rider.

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The shape was also wrong, somehow, but she didn't know what else it could be. No other animal that size lived in this part of the country. Switch to the mobile version of this page. What's happening today What's happening this week Staff Picks.

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