Save Your Marriage, Win Your Ex Back, or Learn How To Do A Relationship Right the First Time

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Even if that person was a dick. Once we do finally heal from a breakup, however, we're over it. Our ability to protect ourselves comes to the forefront, and we're able to begin thinking rationally in a way we couldn't while in such close proximity to the drama. Time makes us stronger. Men cope with romantic loss differently. That first taste of freedom is so damn sweet, and you wonder why you didn't end everything sooner -- no more fighting, no more drama, you're basically blowing confetti out of a damn kazoo.

Buuuuut then you start to realize you love that bitch. Remember the cute way she would fold your work clothes in the morning? Or how, if you were having a rough day, she would always know the right thing to say and get you back on your game? It's like a radar. She's so right. I don't know why guys do this, or if you're even remotely aware that you all manage to wait until we have completely healed from a breakup to hit us up again. My theory is that your timing to re-establish contact with an ex directly correlates to the moment you begin dealing with the pain of your breakup.

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Breakups are supposed to be difficult, and you're supposed to feel devastated. That's just how it works. Missing her does not, however, mean that you should get back together. For this reason, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you begin hitting your ex up again:.

Do you really want to change for this person, or would you rather be with someone who does not require you to change at all? She knows exactly what she wants, and at this point, it is to not be with you. I'm being blunt, and I know this can be hurtful to hear, but she wants change -- for YOU to change, specifically.

Not only is she aware that this overabundance of romance is superficial, but she's also smart enough to know it won't last forever. If she takes you back, she knows it's only a matter of time before you continue arguing about the same issues again. What matters to women is whether you can truly understand why she broke up with you in the first place. You need to understand why she cannot tolerate a certain behavior or bad habit in a relationship and be realistic as to whether this can change.

Be honest with yourself before you even consider picking up the phone. Do you really want to change? If you genuinely feel that you have done nothing wrong or think her concern is trivial, you should not be together. If you do regret your mistakes and are sincerely willing to change for this girl, take ample time to do it. Distance yourself and take that time apart to clear your mind, shake off some of the intense emotions you're feeling and actively work on your character.

She also needs this time away from you, so it's a mutually beneficial decision. Disappear for a while so you both can work on yourselves. If you really love her, time will only benefit you, so you should not rush into a second chance. You won't get a third.

Yes, age matters.

Here is some more confirmation of this approach's effectiveness directly from the fingertips of a woman who recently ended a four-year relationship:. Now, here is the advice I know you really want to hear: what specific steps to take to convince her you should be together. The answer is anti-climactic -- embrace simplicity.

Do not resort to extravagant gifts or anything dramatic or overwhelming. When she is ready to talk to you, write an emotionally honest letter or call her. Tell her you understand if she doesn't want to speak to you, but you hope she's well and would love to hear her voice. If she agrees to speak with you, speak on the phone or in person -- whichever makes her more comfortable. Do not bring her any gifts.

Ask for nothing in return. Be calm and confident in yourself and what you think you can contribute to her life. In the time you've taken to improve yourself, hopefully you will have evidence of that change. If the cause of your breakup was that you did not have enough time for her, show that you've altered your work schedule and made time to volunteer or pick up that sailing hobby you've always dreamed about.

You may want to reduce the pain of your breakup by thinking about your ex, but in reality, it will hurt you more.

Guys, This Is How To ACTUALLY Win Your Ex Back

If you follow all these four rules carefully, you will be successfully forget your ex girlfriend in no time. Before you meet with your ex girlfriend once again, it is important for you to get your life on track.

You have to sort out your life, reconnect with your friends, develop a new passion and more importantly start living happily. All these are secret ingredients that will create a recipe to amaze your girlfriend and make her re-think about her decision. If you want to see your ex girlfriend back in your life again, then you need to regain your confidence.

It is a natural thing, and girls are good at spotting the fake confidence. The signs of healing and moving on will reduce depression and neediness. Remember, woman wants an independent man. You had some attractive traits that attract your ex girlfriend, but you lost these traits over time. The main objective for learning how to get your ex girlfriend back is to regain these attractive traits.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do to regain your lost confidence back. Exercises release stress, improve blood flow, helps you sleep better and most importantly releases Endorphins hormone a hormone that makes you happy. It is very good chance to join GYM classes and start exercise to look attractive. You have to exercise for yourself and to improve your result you have to improve your diet as well.

Reduce your calorie intake and burn calories with exercise or by playing your favorite sports. You have to increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Exercises also increase your testosterone level. You will feel confident, attractive and fit once again. Exercises take your mind away from your girlfriend that will help you to recover from painful memories. Your ex girlfriend wants you to sit in the darkroom and keep thinking about her. To bring your life back on track, you have to join a hobby club that attracts both men and women.

This way you will interact with females and regain your confidence. You can play sports that you like, or take a trip to a new place. Try to visit those places where you can mingle with ladies as it will take your mind off from your ex and regain focus on yourself. It is better to start dating other girls as quickly as possible. This is because you want to become attractive once again and there is no better way to get attractive than dating other girls.

Just spend some time with new ladies that you find in online dating sites.

Guys, This Is How To ACTUALLY Win Your Ex Back

Dating other girls will not only increase your confidence but also eliminate depression. Talking with a lot of women will increase your social skill. If your ex-girlfriend caught you dating with other girls, it might sound weird to you, but it is a good thing. It may take some time for your ex girlfriend to recover from this shock but now you will have a higher value.

Your ex girlfriend will think about you more than anything else, and she will keep on thinking how she let you go to another girl. Just think about places where you can get girls. Social media is a platform where you can become popular very quickly. You can use social media sites to flirt, talk and approach new girls. Most women on Facebook want a prince charming. So, if you approach her then most probably she will hang out with you. But all this possible if you TRY it.