Overture: Full Orchestral Parts

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Rieter-Biedermann, Vienna: Universal Edition, London: Lontano Records Ltd.

Mendelssohn: The Hebrides, Overture for Orchestra (Full Score) [PDF]

Edited by Odaline de la Martinez. Score and parts.

String parts only available through the British Library. Vocal score only available through sheetmusicplus.

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Score and parts available for hire through musicsalesclassical. Libretto only available through the Library of Congress. Leipzig: C.

Score and parts available for hire through boosey. Vocal score published by Vienna: Universal Edition, Vocal score available through HathiTrust Digital Library. London: J. Since almost every orchestra plays it faster than that anyways, Lynsdale-Nock found a middle ground at Also, the key is different, with everything transposed a minor third down. This is not the most comfortable of keys, with one sharp in the system F sharp , and quite a lot of C sharps on top of that.

It does keep the range within limits though pedal D to high B , and every other option would have been worse: original two flats, top D , semi-tone down three sharps, top C sharp, lots of D sharps , and a tone down four flats. For one, there are more parts, effectively dividing the hard bits between players, and secondly, the range used for each particular section is put in relation to what happened previously.


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Romeo and Juliet Overture by Richard Meyer – Score & Sound

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