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Love Rekindled by Nyora Rene

The 2p Pusher: short stories. Sian Cummins. Writing to improve your writing? Take 15 — 20 minutes each day to journal, write as fast as you can without stopping or editing. Explore anything upsetting you, like:. You have to clear away the hurt first resentments, fears, frustrations , before you can find the healing.

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I was too exhausted most of the time even to contemplate it. But I did take notes — not for a journal, or diary, of this terrible time. I did not think I would ever survive this interlude. Pay it forward. However, I always come back to the page. Real writers need words, like we need oxygen. Both are necessary for our survival. We must use our minds, body and spirits to succeed. For successful writing, love conquers all. Make it an affair to remember for both you, and your readers. Please share a comment with me. Thank you so much for this. It used to be so easy to make the words flow as if they were actually happening.

After awhile though, it suddenly just stopped. I was so worried and even terrified that I would never regain that feeling true life back. This post however has made me feel so much better.

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Thank you so much! Ah, this was just what I needed today, Marcy. The wind has indeed left my sails at the moment. And I just happen to have a beta-reading project I can dig into today. Helping someone else sound like just the ticket. Excellent job! Thanks for the inspiration. Great to see you here at Write to Done. It helps me to have several projects in various stages. But I also enjoy other artistic endeavors, such as art, jewelry making, and I get to help with maintenance on a small aircraft, which is an entirely different set of creative muscles. In my opinion, all of those help make me a stronger and more productive writer.

I also set aside plenty of time to read for enjoyment, read for learning the craft and business, and watching movies and television, since I also write in those genres. WOW, Lisa. All your other creative outlets sound wonderful.

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Keep up the good work! Ah well! As you said in your post, writing is like any relationship and it takes work to maintain it. When I first started writing seriously meaning writing every day I loved it. It was all I thought about and the idea of doing it for the rest of my life filled me with bliss. At some point into the relationship I lost those feelings.