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Wherever you want to go, There is a road to get you there, You may not even know, You may not even care, Just as long as you I Am Worth It. Last Words. You may have lost yourself, But not me.

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I'll always have you in my memories. But now, you have family and friends there for Ready or not here I come..

I try to hide what's inside. I try The Facade. My long black hair covers my face most of the time, They tell me to uncover it, No! A Piece of Slice. Slices throats like if a knife hasn't been touching mine, Slice wrist like if i hvaen't done it once or twice in a row, Remember me. The Struggles Of Recovery. A horizontal line, A bluish-purple vein, how much would it take to drive me insane? A few more hospital visits, A few more We contemplated suicide together Made new rules of lies together You lie in my head, you swim in my mind My every thought See Me.

I touch but I cannot feel. I see but I cannot be seen. I speak but I cannot be heard. Numb Absence of Feeling Nothingness I responded with silence. Who is she to want to help? I tried.

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I write. Some days I feel alone, some days I cry I wonder why these feelings come over me So I write I write to get the feelings out Beside Me. Take hold of the darkness, step into the light Let go of your worries, dont give up the fight, Each day is a balance of the The warnings I did not heed, everyone thought it was such an awful fright!

Can I The sky is dark.

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  • Glittering with endless stars. And I'm lying here so close yet so far. The sun comes and goes. Yet time is Where were you? The Hole. I wonder does it help do the scars make me braver does the pain makes me stronger my emotions make me better when I take it Dear My Past Self, This is the part where I tell you that you're going to be okay Each day might seem worse than the last The Girl. The girl who took stats for fun. Who glued plastic to her body with chemicals not fit for nature.

    Who didn't bend her I Chose. Faced with the inevitable truth Unavoidable , Life changing Immaturely faced with the irreversible option of Death TO end The Fight of Flight. None of them had ever known their fellow lowly duck Dragged among them behind a white facade. And though his face to them He ask me about my sadness. It's not shaking and crying and screaming until your throat burns. It's not tidal waves of emotions, quickly drowing you From Escalators to Stairs. Imagine you were a boy born with a big head Your parents thought you were smart with a cranium that feels like lead As I Matter of Believing.

    Cast shadows on me. Let me fall. What hand could reach me? Light Beats dark. Light beats dark. Throw me into the furnace What I Have Done. Do you ever look back and see what is done, The time and effort, and it seems though nothing's won? Fight and struggle, but There is an important someone here just for you, so please do not leave so soon I can clearly see that you are upset, but Dreams of a Little Girl. No little girl Ever dreams of getting hurt. She dreams of traveling far, Not being covered in scars. She dreams of climbing He think she's beautiful Even though she's hiding underneath her mask It's unbelievable How he has her heart in the palms of Hidden Struggles.

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    This is my final prayer, That someone will care, But it never seems to change Because my mind is really strange. It's dark When All Is Lost. Slipping into the darkness Where I never wanted to be My whole body is numb Trying so hard not to give up Thoughts are Them and Me. Them, us. We, me. Music is for the broken whose will has been abandoned and suicidal thoughts have nested. So quick to contemplate death Death Knocks at my Door. Scared I peek over the railing. Am I the only one seeing him? Who Am I? Sex, drugs, and alcohol consumed by an unsuspected daughter Lost and cold, living no tomorrow.

    Feeling voids from another A girl. Eleven years old. Same girl. Twelve years old. Fourteen years old. Eighteen years old.

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    What do Keep Holding On inspired by the book by Susane Colasanti. It's the same thing everyday They will push me The Fear of Truth. Paper and pen, why do you stare? My heart gripping like a snare. I spill like a punctured balloon writing all of my cares Judgement and Death. When she The world. Poetry is how all of my anger comes out.

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    Its why i'm still alive The only reason their arent cuts on my wrist or my thighs, Eulogy of the Forgotten. Not everyone understands What it's like to be… How to put it… Different? And I'm not talking about That circle peg square Wow what a surprise. Live and defy. There was nothing left. The girl in the mirror wasn't me. She was scared and alone suffering from a sickness no one knew Light Within Darkness.


    What is this I'm doing? Falling from a building? Left and right building move swiftly around me Below the hard surface Sucide Prevention. We are humans with emotions; we can not control what we feel. Sucide is not to be blammed on the viticim, Not their friends What Your ID? Whats Your ID?

    Wild Edged Magic Vol. 1

    No not the card in you wallet or purse. But your This is for those who can't stand up and speak. And if they ever did, they would come across as weak. The ones who are You know what I want? The kind of love that keeps you up at night with its magic. The kind of love that allows your The Forgotten Island.

    It hit me like a resounding gong, BANG, like a gun. A life, just gone. She was so young, so Your Utopia, Our Dystopia. When whispers leave lips, you'll know it's too late. When our red blood flows and death comes abate. Smiling with the sharp Free from demons.