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compulsion (n.)

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Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. Like the gymnast and the ballerina, the distance runner is often defined by drive and compulsion. Saint and sinner, believer and infidel, are alike under this compulsion in matters moral—and in all matters.

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At the same time, the moral influences put upon them were those of compulsion and restraint. It was certainly one that was entered into voluntarily by both partners of the marriage; there was no compulsion of law. It is a sense of on-coming fate, a compulsion to do or to suffer, that produces the illusion of perfect knowledge.

On the contrary, nothing was taught him by compulsion , and no child could be more full of happiness. In psychology , an internal force that leads persons to act against their will. RELATED WORDS coercion , obsession , urgency , preoccupation , duty , urge , force , exigency , driving , constraint , prepossession , hang-up , drive , pressure , engrossment , necessity , demand , need , duress , monkey.

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Nearby words compton effect , compton-burnett , comptroller , comptroller general of the united states , comptroller of the currency , compulsion , compulsive , compulsive personality , compulsory , compulsory purchase , compunction. Can be confused compulsion compunction. Examples from the Web for compulsion And many fans may feel a compulsion to add their voice to the crowd shouting out for these rights to be protected.