Broken Tools In Gods Hands

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This live conference - available on DVD - should be purchased with the accompanying Facilitator's Guide, making it ideal for your next Sunday School class, small group curriculum or leadership training.

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See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. Email address. Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. In The Spotlight. Shop Our Brands. All Rights Reserved. Lust is a strong internal desire and that is the shocker. A crucial truth is—to have a pure heart, you are commanded by God to continually run away from your own internal desires and those actions which fuel them.

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To flee lust means you are running from yourself—fleeing your own heart, running away from your own feelings. Fleeing all internal secular passions—even hopes. You run from you! You are distancing yourself from your own strong desires—not that other person, circumstance, external, website, crowd, clique or money. You are running from you.

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Flee your own strong desires. The battle is for your heart, right? To do that, in dealing with your strong desires, you must run away, not stand and fight. Preserve your heart. The nature of your unique temptations and the list of idols which impact your desires will be different for you than others. Fleeing your own strong desires for each Christian is unique to you. Some of you are more tempted in certain areas than others.

Each of us has our own sinful bent. You should not make fleeing your unique battle—universal for everyone. All of us flee youthful lusts, but not every issue is a strong desire for everyone equally. A drunkard will flee differently than a non-drunkard. A previously promiscuous new Christian will often flee differently than another who was not promiscuous. Your fleeing is different than others. But to be useful requires purity, so all useful Christians will flee. What are a few methods of fleeing from our own strong desires? Prepare in advance for tempting situations.

She was repeatedly pursuing him and Joseph knew she would make a play. Believers need to decide in advance what you will do if and when something happens to tempt your heart. Like singles who remain public, in the light and busy—instead of being private, in the dark with nothing to do.

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Prepare by making wise choices. If you see evil, the wise Christian literally hides himself like a fearful animal. Flee your own heart by knowing where you are weak and avoid the tempting environment. Plan to stay away from environments where your strong desires become uncontrollable. Pick your people carefully.

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The only person in the Bible who flirts is a harlot. Ponder your appearance. Younger women must seek out the critique of an older, Titus 2 godly woman concerning your neckline, skirts, blouses, shorts, t-shirts, pants and bathing suits. Younger men should ask godly men about their look as well. Pounce on your thoughts.

Getting Ready to be Used by God

Purity starts internally in the mind. Therefore, work at thinking properly in order to develop purity. Youthful lusts begin in the mind. Therefore, the battle starts with disciplining your thinking. Paralyze your glances—watch what you look at. Fleeing includes guarding your eyes. Because Christ is pure and the useful grow pure. The fruitful believer will make difficult choices to become useful.

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Many of you do a great job with the TV remote—when the sleazy commercial pops up during your football game, you quickly change the channel to something better. That is exactly what Paul does with Timothy in verse You turn the channel to something good—follow. The positive side of developing purity is to pursue Christ-likeness.

Believers are to run after living the Scripture and to busy yourself serving Christ. So I must be godly. Sanctification is not only not sinning, but dependently putting on the life of Christ. Instead of investing all your time putting out sin-fires, water the trees of the heart. Then, run after some key, Christlike attributes. In fact, God says pursue them. Pursue is not a casual idea, a suggestion if you have time, or merely a nice option.