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McCracken was one of the stars, while Fosse and Niles were specialty dancers.

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She had a Warner Bros. McCracken would thrust Fosse—still partnered with Niles onstage and, legally at least, offstage—on a new professional track entirely. But she built him up to be like the next Great White Hope. By the age of 19, while still traveling with the Littlefield Ballet, McCracken had begun administering her own insulin injections. Little was understood about managing diabetes in the 30s, and McCracken kept the diagnosis quiet to ensure she would be hired.

But decades of smoking and subsisting on minimal calories—she, like many dancers, was concerned about her weight—had exacerbated her condition and its complications. She dealt with heel spurs, arthritis, and heart problems. Ruth fell ill as the pair began making their retirement plans together in , but the symptoms were easily overlooked before she became jaundiced.

The diagnosis eerily echoed a storyline his character went through in , when on-screen wife Brenda suffered a brain tumour. However, after trying pioneering surgery in Germany to help reduce the tumour so it could be removed, the couple discovered that the cancer had spread to her liver.


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It was terminal," he said. We treated those last months like our retirement.

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Three months later, Armstrong walks to his work and people watch him badly, because Regina ruined his reputation. He tells that since Regina accused fakly, he still couldn't get a single coaching gig, or legal case. Then, he talks with his dad Robert Armstrong who said he had so much potential but ruined it by "trying to play princess". However, he ain't gonna be fired, since Robert has a case for him defending Patty Bladell, who punched a homeless guy in the face.

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Angie Bladell , Patty's mom, explains Bob the reason of why her daughter was demanded. Bob go home and tells to his wife, Coralee Armstrong that he has a case. Coralee ignores what he said and tell that nobody is to their gala, since Regina sent an email to the entire PTA. Both celebrate having sex.

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  6. Then, Bob enters to his son, Brick Armstrong 's room who is listening to music, specifically Adele, because he don't wanted to listen to Bob and Coralee "celebrating" in the kitchen.