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Stop up your ears with beeswax -- or with a pair of SmartFit industrial ear plugs. She might be a lone barefoot maid wandering by a barren lake.

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You might find her on a deserted path in a thick forest. And why do they sing? The man from Majorca also tells us they lost a singing contest to the Muses.

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Being who they are -- daughters of Phorcys hell and cousins to the Harpies -- they just want revenge. They use their vocal powers, still beautiful in defeat, to lure humans to their sepulchral isles. In Homer there are two Sirens -- and to resist them, wax in the ears is what Circe tells Ulysses to use. Landmann depicts their song as long, violet-colored streamers that, yes, indeed, wrap like cords around the body of the wandering Ithacan. Aside from the world of myth or those dangerous isles, the Siren is a creature most at home in one other place.

Some may dress her up in abstractions, she might become a wish for death for psychotherapists or an allegory of temptation for early Christian writers, but all that fails to hide what she really is: a combination of extremes, of lethality and erotica.

The Siren’s Call: When these lethal ladies start singing, don’t listen

Lethal and erotic. Lurid and visceral. Around her fountain which flows With the voice of men in pain, Are flowers that no man knows. Their petals are fanged and red With hideous streak and stain. They sprang from the limbs of the dead. We shall not come here again.

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Panthers rise from their lairs In the forest which thickens below, Along the garden stairs The sluggish python lies. The kid is T. The illustrator presents a panorama of lethal, alluring females. Influenced by chanson, techno and synth beats, the young Frenchman first appeared on the music scene in with his inventive electronic pop music.

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The young artist turned a genre upside down that was missing his adventurous spirit. Acid loops, transcendental vocoders and miraculous lyrics define a revolutionary synth pop second to none. Grandbrothers are Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel. Grandbrothers is the musical meeting of pianist and producer, they create a sound that combines classical composition with modern, experimental production and sound design. Classical, yet forward-thinking; expressive and emotional, always with one foot on the parquet.

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The Paris-based Belgian model, artist and singer Claire Laffut lights up every room with her aura. The year old talent machine, born and raised in Belgium, is an all-round artist, gifted and skilled in many crafts. The Holy came together fast in , when frontman Henrik was hosting a football screening at his house.

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  5. Raftside is a solo project band of visual artist and composer Filip Markiewicz. Mostly influenced by alternative pop music, Raftside is a hybrid mixture of guitar-voice-sunglasses songwriting and electro sampling but overall an experimental playground. The surrealistic and slightly protest lyrics are layered on surf-rock guitar, that create a cinematic atmosphere.