A Deserted Place

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When Jesus is in our lives, none of us is ever completely alone in a deserted place. The Eucharist we share proclaims the Lord is with us!

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Opened in February and now consists of about parishioners which adds up to families. Thomas B. Retrouvaille — a lifeline for troubled marriages. Catechism Online. Catholic Herald. Maybe you treated yourself to a tasty frosted drink or ice cream cone. While he was so available to all those in need, the poor, the sick, the outcasts, he knew there was a limit to his availability.

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Not as the world gives do I give it to you. His peace gives us salvation, wholeness, health, welfare, safety and balance. As we make plans and set out on our summer vacations or staycations , let us not miss the opportunity to recharge our inner selves. Consider a personal goal to take some time to rest, refocus and recharge our spiritual batteries, restoring balance in our lives, especially caregivers of children, parents, or others entrusted in our care.

Find some time this summer, even if it is just 10 minutes a day, where you can have some quiet time to reconnect with God.

The weather was perfect, the view was absolutely breathtaking and my husband practiced his guitar yes, we take it everywhere. Thank you!

Welcome to St.Mary's Parish Website

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A Deserted Place

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